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Giving Back

My family and I started making toiletry bags with a mission to give back through a one for one program. We give youth in foster care their very own toiletry bag for each Bloc Bag purchased. It's simple: you buy a bag; we donate a toiletry bag and distribute to various foster closets across America.
Bloc Bags donates toiletry bags to youth in foster care
Often, youth in foster care do not have their own toiletry bag, and there are fewer options for our teens - especially boys. Through your help, The Bloc Bags is changing that. 
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 Bags of Love partnership with LOT Carolinas
We started our one for one program with Least Of These Carolinas. Local to NC, LOT Carolinas provides youth in foster care with personalized duffle bags full of the essential items they need. Through our partnership with Lot Carolinas, we include a Bag of Love to serve as a toiletry bag in the larger Bags of Hope duffle. 
We’ve expanded to partner with foster closets in Texas, Georgia, Washington, California, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Florida. 

Have a foster closet that needs toiletry bags? Fill out the form here or email us
Thank you for shopping with your heart. xoxo